Guillaume Bal, Ph.D


Junior scientist

MNHN, UMS Patrinat

4, Avenue du petit château, 91800 Brunoy, France

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I am a quantitative ecologist interested in population dynamics and conservation biology. My research aims at enhancing the management of harvested wild stocks and endangered species.


To do so, I mainly apply statistical modelling to various kind of real data (time series, counts, tagging…) and sometimes use simulations. Most of the time, questions I address have a rather applied potential, as estimating the variability of life history traits and vital rates between the different life stages. I am particularly keen on estimating the part of this variability linked to direct and indirect (such as climate change) human perturbations. Then, further working on integrative models allowing to forecast the future of populations using the previous points is usually my next goal. Apart from this I also worked on an incentive based methods for fisheries management instead of quotas. More recently, my research has been focusing on the adaptive management  of game species.  I also sometimes get involved in projects linked more to the understanding of ecological and evolutionary processes, mainly related to natural selection.


You can now more about the projects I am or have been involved in on the research page. Do not hesitate to get in touch, whether you are looking for collaborations or have questions. I am always interested in chatting to new people.


Here is my full most up to date CV


You can also find me and my work, including some code, on the following links 





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